Health Education Scholarships

Each year, the Christie Foundation awards over $100,000 to students pursuing degrees in the medical field through their Health Education Scholarship program. From pharmacology to nursing to nutrition to surgery and many other medical fields, scholarship awards help create tomorrow’s medical professionals.

Christie Foundation Scholarship Application Requirements

  • Complete and submit an application form. Follow The Christie Foundation on Facebook for the official announcement of when the application window is open.
  • Scholarships are for the upcoming school year.
  • Applicants must have a tie to East Central Illinois to be considered for a scholarship.

With the form, you will be asked to upload a transcript of your most recent academic experience, evidence of college enrollment/acceptance letter.  Please do not put symbols in your file name (#, :, %, *). They will not load and your application will not be able to be submitted.

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. Please check back February 2024.

Scholarship decisions will be made at the end of April and awarded in late May-early June by mail. Please ensure you list your full, permanent address on the application.

Parkland Students
We are excited to announce that Parkland students are now eligible to apply for the Christie Foundation Scholarship directly through the Christie Foundation.


How the Scholarship Program Began

It was through a generous gift from the estate of Cecilia W. Rapp in 1996 that led to the formation of Christie Foundation’s scholarship program. Ms. Rapp’s gift, which was given in honor of her son Richard, a Christie Clinic pharmacist, included a farm in Champaign County (which the Foundation continues to operate) and other assets.

How It Continues Today

Today, Ms. Rapp’s legacy gift provides scholarships to students from Christie Clinic’s service area who are pursuing careers in a variety of medical fields.

Income from the Rapp Fund is coupled with gifts from other Foundation donors – including community members, area medical personnel, and former scholarship recipients – to support the studies of over 12 dozen students every year.