Medical Research Enthusiast Continues Her Education

Jennifer Croix
Nutritional Sciences, University of Illinois College of Medicine

Jennifer Croix has known since middle school that she wanted to go into a science related field and while in college realized she was most interested in science as it related to the health care field.

Today, Croix is pursuing an MD/PhD at the University of Illinois, an eight-year program on average. In choosing this rigorous program, it was Croix’s hope that the dual degrees would provide her more opportunities to help people as well as do medically related research. She is in her third year of medical school currently, doing core clerkships, which are clinical rotations in different fields (like OB/GYN, pediatrics, psychiatry, etc.) seeing patients.

She will graduate in 2012 and then begin her residency. After residency, she and her husband, Alex, are considering staying in (or returning to) Illinois to be close to family (though she admits that a warmer climate has its appeal).

Croix is still trying to decide which specific area of medicine to go into, but she has time to continue to explore, learn, and experience. She definitely is looking for an area that would allow her to practice as well as continue doing research, such as pathology or gastroenterology.

“The Christie Foundation Fellowship has given me the opportunity to further my medical education. It’s great that they provide this sort of assistance and I look forward to furthering my relationship with the Foundation during the course of my fellowship.”

Croix and her husband, who have been married nearly six years, don’t have much free time. Between her schooling and his work in computer graphics, they try to relax with their pets, watch movies, and salsa dance. She also enjoys drawing and learning to speak Spanish (her husband is from Guatemala).