Christie Foundation Hosts Runners’ Symposium

Nearly 150 current and hopeful runners attended the Christie Foundation 1stAnnual Runners’ Symposium on February 18, 2012 at Christie on Windsor.

Symposium presenters included nationally known board certified Cardiologist Dr. Abraham Kocheril, M.D. who spoke on the “The Runner’s Heart”. Dr. Denis Williams, M.D., a board certified Orthopaedic surgeon, addressed common overuse injuries and their treatment and prevention. Dr. Andrew Kluesner, DPM is a podiatrist who discussed the runner’s foot and ankle. From Christie Clinic’s Obstetrics/Gynecology Department, Dr. Mildred Nelson, M.D. talked about “Aquatic Cross Training for Runners”. Dr. Jeremy Youse, M.D. is a dermatologist who addressed “Butts, Nipples, and Toes: A Racy Discussion of Runner’s Skin Issues”. Dr. Youse treats acne, hives, rashes, skin cancers and will provide participants with down to earth, yet humorous answers to questions many are too embarrassed to ask.

Symposium Videos